Dr. Dianna Rust

- Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)


DIANNA  ZEH  RUST,  EdD,  has more  than  20  years of  experience  in  continuing  higher  education,  adult degree programming, teaching, and program coordination.    She    currently    serves    as    Associate Professor   in   University   College   and   as   Program Coordinator  for  the  Bachelor  of  Integrated  Studies, Bachelor    of    Science    in    Liberal    Studies,    and Professional    Studies    at    Middle    Tennessee    State University.  As Program Coordinator, she oversees mentoring and observation of instructors who are teaching departmental courses in the major.  She  has instructed online courses as well as on-ground classes.  Her    teaching    and    research  interests include:  interdisciplinary  studies,  distance  learning, effective  instructional  and  retention  strategies,  and prior  learning  assessment.  She  earned  her  Bachelor’s and  Master’s  degree  in  Mass  Communication  from Middle  Tennessee  State  University  an EdD at Tennessee State University.

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